Blue Gemstones for Engagement or Bridal Jewelry

Wedding rings are an embodiment of love. But wedding jewels are more than symbols as they reflect the couple’s commitment to each other. Ring exchanging ceremony is one of the most important rituals of the wedding; it is given as a symbol of love and loyalty to each other before the ceremony begins.

An engagement ring shows your love and commitment towards your partner. The style of the ring is important because it reflects your tastes, personality, and relationship with your partner. Like other bridals, you also want to look your best and most beautiful on your wedding day. A wedding is the most precious event of one’s life and elegant rings can add more value to your wonderful event.

To add more value to one of your special events, you can choose precious and pretty blue gemstones for your engagement rings.

1. Blue Hematite Gemstone

Hematite is a very attractive gemstone and a wonderful addition to your engagement ring. This stone has different shades of blue, some have white and gray colors. Light blue hematite contains iron oxide, hence this gemstone is also called ironstone. This gemstone is considered an effective talisman that protects against ill-wishes. The blue Hematite gemstone is also very popular for use as a healing stone. To give a radiant shine, it is usually treated with oil. You can choose this stone if you want a unique and exquisite stone in your engagement ring.

2. Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphire gemstones are popular in comparison to other beads. It is a common choice among men and women for engagement rings. The blue color of this gemstone makes it a very attractive accessory. Blue color is caused due to the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum within the sapphire that provides deep blue hues to its appearance. The best quality of this gemstone is its hardness and durability. A good quality blue sapphire gemstone can last for up to 500 years while the lesser quality ones may last for up to 100 years.

3. Blue Diamond

Diamond is one of the most famous and precious gemstones. This is because it has the highest refractive index and highest dispersive property. Besides, diamonds are very beautiful and do not wear and tear easily. Diamond comes in different colors. However, blue-colored diamond is rare due to the chromium content that gives it a deep blue hue to its appearance. Blue diamonds can be quite expensive but many people are fascinated by this stone's beauty and pay any price to own them for their wedding ring.

4. Blue Aquamarine

Blue aquamarine is a very beautiful gemstone. The color of this stone comes from the element boron. The color of Brazilian Aquamarine ranges from blue-green to yellow-green to blue. People who choose this type of stone for their engagement ring should take care of it since it can easily get scratches and scuff marks.

5. Blue Opal Gemstone

Blue opal is an interesting gemstone that is quite rare to find in its natural form. However, it is possible to find some artificial opal with blue color. The blue color of this gemstone makes it more beautiful. It will add more beauty to your engagement ring. Blue opal is a rare gemstone that is known to have an interesting phenomenon in its appearance. This phenomenon is called "opalescence". This produces a diffused light of blue hues, which appear commonly in opal. Blue opal gemstone contains the elements like silicon and water with impurities of iron, chromium, and manganese, which gives it that beautiful blue color.

6. Blue Morganite

Blue Morganite is a beautiful stone and such an attractive addition to your engagement ring. This stone comes in two colors, white and blue. It has a shiny finish and generally comes in the shape of a crystal or cabochon. It is a combination of both white and blue colors. This stone is a natural form of aquamarine. Blue Morganite contains more chromium than it is found in other sources.

7. Blue Tourmaline

The natural form of this stone has a combination of violet and blue colors. This is a very beautiful gemstone that gives you an aura of tranquility and calmness. Blue Tourmaline enhances psychic powers, eases fears and anxiety, keeps the user from any kind of negative energy. This gemstone also contains copper with impurities, which gives it a blue color.

It is always better to get the gemstone for your engagement ring from a reliable supplier. You can get the gemstones for your engagement online and explore the variety that is available. We at Dream Of Stones have a wide collection of blue gems such as blue hematite gemstone, sapphire, opal, and many more. For any queries or information, you can send us a message at

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