Best Way To String Beads With Beading Wire

Stringing beads on a beading wire is a basic thing that one should know before making jewelry pieces. For beginners, even holding beads firmly can be a bit difficult. Stringing beads in a string wire is not a difficult technique. With a few following tips and tricks, you can easily learn how to do it.


There are different methods of stringing beads and making various pieces of jewelry. Stringing beads on a steel wire is a technique that allows you to lightly and smoothly thread the beads together and make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry.

Best Way To Make Jewelry Using Beads

1. Plan your jewelry and its design: Start by planning what you want to make whether it's a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or any other type of jewelry. This way, you will have an idea of what you are going to need or use. You need to plan what type of beads you have to work with and the design of your jewel. You should avoid using large-sized beads, jagged-edged beads, as they can wear and damage the beading cord.

2. In addition to beads, you'll need the required materials and tools to make this project successful. You'll need an appropriate beading wire like steel or string wire, crimping plier, plain, round nose, and chain nose plier, wire cutter, clasp, a ruler, clasps, and pendants.

3. You have to cut the wire using a wire cutter from the spool to some length to make a piece of jewelry. Thus, it is important to calculate the length of the wire that you will need. It is suggested to cut 10 inches extra to avoid any problems when stringing the beads.

4. Now you have to string the wire on the first crimp. You can start by passing one end of the beading cord through the crimp. Keep the crimp about three inches away from the end of the wire. Now pass the other end of the cord and pull it to make a loop. Make sure that the loop should have enough space to accommodate the jump ring in it.


5. Next you have to use a crimping plier to properly position the beading wire inside the crimp. Now squeeze the crimping plier firmly to make two channels and separate the strands of steel wire. Repeat this process again but this time rotate the crimp 90 degrees and then squeeze it again.


6. You can now trim the excess cord from the loop using wire cutters. Cut the wire twice because this will make the loop even. The process of trimming thread may seem simple but you have to be careful while cutting it, as an uneven loop will result in an uneven beaded bracelet. The loop has to be adjusted perfectly so that it can retain the beads properly.


7. Now start stringing beads to the half-length and then add the pendant of your choice. Now add beads to the remaining half of the cord. If you are going to use the same-size and same type of beads, then you'll get an idea after stringing beads in the first half that how many beads you'll need for the second half.


8. Now repeat 4, 5, and 6 steps again to add crimp and loop at the other end of the cord.


9. Trim the excess string wires and check the crimps to ensure that they are positioned well. You can use a ruler to check if the loops and crimps are positioned properly.


10. The next step is to attach a jump ring and a clasp. With the help of two pliers i.e. one chain nose plier and one flat nose plier. This way, you can also attach a jewelry clasp to the end of the wire.


Your beaded necklace is now ready. You can also use it as an anklet or a bracelet. You can improve your skill and technique by making different jewelry pieces by stringing beads with wire on your own. First try to make single earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or other types of jewelry. Then you should work on multi-stranded jewelry pieces. You can give these jewels as gifts to your friends or family members.


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