Azurite Beads - Meaning, Origin, Healing Properties, Uses, and Care

The number of semi-precious stones for jewelry making is unbelievable. The colors and forms these are found in are truly amazing and so, these are so liked among jewelry makers and enthusiasts. The best thing is, these are so easy to make into jewelry and are quite easily found for buying. But beauty is not the only thing these are desired for, these come with impressive metaphysical and mineral properties. And azurite is no different indeed.

About Azurite Gemstone

Azurite is a soft, purple, opaque stone that is frequently confused with the mineral malachite. This makes it difficult to differentiate between the two stones. Although azurite and malachite have similar appearances, they actually have strikingly different properties. Azurite has a silky to vitreous luster and can range from deep blue to purple in color. This stone has a typical hardness of four. It is well known for its deep color and high luster, which often makes it a popular choice for cutting and polishing.


Azurite is considered a birthstone rather than an anniversary or wedding gift stone. It is a very good stone to carry in the pocket, as it helps deflect negative energy from being drawn to the body from outside sources when worn.

Physical Properties Of Azurite

Azurite is a powerful stone that is soft. It also makes a great grounding stone. Azurite is considered best for people born in winters, specifically Sagittarius and Capricorn, because of its blue purple color. It is a copper carbonate mineral and is a quite opaque gemstone. Found mainly in China, Arizona, Slovakia, Morocco, London and Utah, the shades of blue may vary depending on the place of origin.

Metaphysical Characteristics

Azurite helps one focus on the task at hand, and allows for a better understanding of the spiritual mindset. Azurite beads enhance communication with your spirit guides and angels, so it can be an excellent choice for those who wish to have a closer connection with themselves. Azurite’s strong intuition gives it a great ability to understand others and their motives. It allows the holder to see into situations that may occur in the future. It can be used during meditation to increase energy in the body and mind, as well as the spiritual connection between humans, animals, and even plants on Earth.


The deep blue color of azurite stones helps the mind focus on the task at hand, and increases energy in the body when needed. This energy can be used for alertness during times of intense concentration, or to increase blood circulation when under stress in daily life. Azurite is a very astute and wise stone. It is a strong intuitive stone and has the ability to analyze and understand things quickly. The deep blue color of this stone helps it achieve this goal. It is a great choice for those who wish to tap into their intuition, as well as those who wish to understand others more clearly.

Uses Of Azurite Gemstone Beads

Azurite necklaces are said to be associated with the throat chakra. Therefore, they are great stones to wear when you are working towards attunement with your throat chakra. Research has shown that people who wear azurite regularly have better communication skills than those who don't. This indicates that azurite can help improve self-expression and self-awareness in the struggling communicator. Azurite stone for jewelry making is the best use for it.


When choosing an azurite stone for meditation, select one that has a rich blue color. This stone helps you become more centered, grounded, and clear. It is especially beneficial if you are prone to anger or are easily frustrated. Many crystal healers also recommend wearing azurite if you are having difficulty sleeping or are dealing with nightmares. Place an azurite stone under your pillow while sleeping, or carry one in your pocket during the day.

How To Care For Azurite Gemstone Beads?

Azurite is easy to care for and the softness makes the bead a very durable stone. If you have a piece of jewelry made from this stone, remember that it contains copper and could cause an allergic reaction if worn for an extended period of time. Wearing azurite jewelry made from copper could result in blistering skin or skin irritation. In addition, copper can change color or become dull over time if exposed to excessive heat. The safest jewelry to wear from azurite beads is a 14k or 18k gold set.


You can keep the azurite gemstone beads in good shape by using a soft cloth like silk cloth or cotton cloth to gently wipe the beads after every wearing. Try not to work any type of cleaning solution or commercial jewelry cleaner on the stone.

Dream of Stones

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