Amethyst’s Healing Properties And Uses

It is quite common for jewelry enthusiasts and makers to call amethyst their favorite stone. It is a beautifully vibrant color and is quite great for multipurpose use. The best way to use them is to make a necklace or bracelet with natural amethyst beads. The alluring shine and look of these beads entices the onlookers and makes the wearer feel confident about themself. But there are a lot of other features and properties of the amethyst gemstone that are not commonly known.

Amethyst And Its Properties

Amethyst, though easily available and very affordable, has its own prominent metaphysical, healing and mineral properties that appeal to many.

Mineral Properties

Amethyst is found in almost all shades of the color purple. It is one of those rare gemstones that have only one prominent color that these are found in. It has a vitreous luster and is very much liked and adored for its elegant sheen. It is a silica mineral with composition of silicon dioxide and also relates to the family of quartz. It is worn by all the genders alike and is commonly found in many parts of the world including Brazil, Africa, South Korea, Russia, Argentina, Austria, etc.

Metaphysical Properties

Other than being powerful in its mineral properties, natural amethyst beads hold great metaphysical features as well.

  1. Amethyst arouses the spiritual instincts and drives in the wearer. It is a stone closely linked with spirituality and adds to the spiritual awareness in the wearer. It helps them to widen their innate spirituality.

  2. Amethyst stone is great for relieving insomnia, depression and anxiety. This stone is recommended to many people if they are having a difficult time computing with anxiety and indecisiveness.

  3. It calms the soul and mind of the wearer and opens up their mind to new experiences. It’s color and vibes cause a significant calming effect on the wearer and on their surroundings.

  4. Another very prominent metaphysical property of the amethyst semi-precious gemstone is that it is a great promoter of positivity and positive vibes. It effectively hinders the negative vibes to reach to the wearer and filters the aura to fill it with positivity and remove any negativity that is lingering.

  5. It is a great protection stone as well and is the birthstone for the month of February.

  6. Amethyst beads if worn regularly can also help wearers in controlling anger and stress and react positively to the situations of tension and uncertainty.

  7. It helps to get healed from past trauma and sadness of any kind. It goes a long way in attaining emotional and psychological balance for the wearer. If you feel frequent mood swings and don’t know what could help you with it, a small piece of amethyst kept in your wallet or a beads necklace can get you through it.

  8. If kept in the house as a raw piece, it helps to protect the house from evil powers, negativity and cleanses the aura. It also helps to lighten up the house and make it more welcoming and warm.

Healing Properties

The awesomeness of the amethyst gemstone doesn’t only stop at the metaphysical properties but there are several healing properties linked with it too.

  • Amethyst gemstone is an exponential booster of immunity and strengthens the immune system of the wearer. It protects the wearer from diseases and capacitates their body to fight diseases if contracted.

  • The healing effect is not only on the body but the soul and the mind as well. The soul is healed of sadness and traces of any underlying stress and tragedy. Rather, it opens you to new ideas and empowers you to take up new opportunities.

  • Amethyst gemstone is a friend of hormones. It helps to produce new hormones essential for healthy living and control the effect of the existing hormones. It strengthens the metabolism and balances the endocrine system.

  • Another feature of amethyst as a healing gemstone is that it promotes sobriety and prevents the wearer from drinking as frequently. It keeps them away from getting drunk frequently and helps to control the alcohol consumption. If you regularly wear natural amethyst beads, you can expect a change in your consumption and drinking habits.

Uses Of Amethyst

There are innumerable uses of an amethyst gemstone. You can use them in your bracelet as beads, or you can use its chip beads to add into your silver or gold necklace. A variety of shaped pendants can be made out of it and it does not require any type of heat or color treatment. This stone is quite a versatile one and even the raw form of amethyst is used in pendants, rings and as decoration around the house.

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