All You Need To Know About Charm Bracelets

You’ve seen them on celebrities, in magazines, and at the mall. You might even have one or two of your own. But what should you know about these fashionable accessories? Charm bracelets have been around for centuries, but they were especially popular in the Victorian era. In fact, Queen Victoria herself wore a small blessed charm bracelet to commemorate her husband's death on one occasion. It wasn't until recently that these pieces became something people from all walks of life could wear with pride.

So What Exactly Are Charms?

They are small, flat pieces of string that have been strung with charms. The main ones come in silver, gold, and even colored versions. They can be put on one's wrist like a bracelet or knotted like a necklace. Some people put them on their bags, shoes, or really anywhere else they can imagine. Charms are lightweight and elegant pieces of jewelry. They are perfect to use as a "friendship piece" for collecting, or they can also be used to honor someone important. These complete an outfit and are a great way to express oneself. There are so many charms out there to choose from, so you won't have any trouble finding one.

How Are Charms Made?

They are cut out of metal sheets. The person cutting out the charm will put the charm in its own frame, which is usually made of gold or silver mesh. The bracelet chain is then hung up for display. The charm can also be made by carving a gemstone bead into gold or silver metal or plated metal. These are exceptionally attractive and versatile since they will match with an outfit no matter what you wear. The gemstones add colors to the metals and help to create a brilliant contrast.


The rectangle charm bracelets are an easy way to personalize one's own wardrobe. They are perfect for every occasion. So the next time you want to make a fashion statement or honor someone close to your heart, look no further than charm bracelets.

What Are Some Special Types Of Charms?

You can find all sorts of different charm bracelets that have special meanings behind them. Some people choose to focus on religious symbols, their own little secrets designed into jewelry or even favorite sports teams.

1. Gemstone Charms

There is a huge variety of gemstones that can be used as charms. You can find anything from stones such as opal, amethyst, and lapis lazuli to crystal and rubies. It's possible to find the type of stone bead you want with us at our online website, Dream Of Stones, and make your own charm. But if you can't afford a complete bracelet, our store sells partial sets and inserts to go on the charms as well as separate charms that you can use on your bracelets and necklaces interchangeably. You can make it very personal by choosing different colors and designs to wear with your charms. Many people have their birthstone as their charm, but you don't have to choose just one. These can be easily added to protective charm bracelets, especially if you are looking for something to honor someone on their special day. You can also add smaller metal charms to add to the bracelet and to make it unique.

2. Hobby Charms

There are even some people who have hobbies and use charms related to them. Everybody from birdwatchers to stamp collectors can choose a charm that is a representation of their hobby. You can also go one step further and customize a charm that has a meaning for you, but still relates to your hobby. You can get a football shaped charm or a tiny guitar and these also make great gifts to give to your loved ones.

3. Spiritual Charms

People often choose pieces with religious symbols like the cross, Madonna and Child, Bible verses, and an image of Mary. The Catholic Church even has special charms to help people pray over their beads. This is not only a great way to link up with one's faith, but it can also help people think about what they would like to pray for. These can be worn on a daily basis, help to represent your spiritual beliefs, and are easily available online.

4. Relationship charms

If you are in a special relationship with someone, you can find blessed charm bracelets that match or represent your relationship. It is a great mark of affection and There are charming bracelets that have interlocking hearts, in addition to ones that have the initials of your lover's name. You can get the both or your name engraved on each other's charms and can pair it with a stone that is good for relationships like rose quartz.


The best thing is that you can get these metal charms as well as gemstone charms or gemstone beads for making charms with us at Dream of Stones. Visit our online website or contact us at


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