A Guide: How to Put Charms on a Bracelet

There is no denying the fact that charmed bracelets are very eye-catching and elegant to wear. They go with almost every outfit and can be styled in several ways. These have been in trend since a very long time and for good reason. Charms are not only pretty but are also very meaningful. Fearless charms, say, help to strengthen the will of the wearer and help you become self-confident and independent. It may also help you get distressed and not be greatly affected by the actions of others.

Why Should You Add Charms To Bracelets?

You must have noticed that there are different types of bracelet charms. Sometimes certain things are blessed for good fortune, others are supposed to protect you, and others are said to generate courage.The specialty of charms is the long history behind them. They have been used in many different cultures for centuries. Their use has varied from using them as jewelry or accessories to helping superstition with lucky or protective powers. As more and more people started wearing these charm bracelets and believing in their powers, more and more ways of designing these charms became available. For example, a person who is going to travel abroad may wish to have a charm that will protect them from being attacked or someone going on a trip might have a protected charm that will protect them from vehicle accidents. So, there are many people who have different beliefs, thus creating a huge variety of charm bracelets.

Charm Bracelet Guide

The Purpose Of The Charm

Charm bracelets are meant to bring happiness, prosperity, health, longevity, love and strength to the wearer. Most cultures will incorporate gemstones into the design such as diamonds for wealth or turquoise for healing. Charm bracelets are meant to bring happiness, prosperity, health, longevity, love and strength to the wearer. Most cultures incorporate gemstones into the design such as diamonds for wealth or turquoise for healing. It is best to consult an expert in gemology to know what stones and metals that would best suit you. You can even cluster up the different symbolic charms for even better results.


For example, if you need protection against a person or thing such as black magic or evil totems, you can find charms for this purpose. If you want to be protected, you can use an evil eye charm. Elephant charms are considered the best blessed charms.

Type Of Charm You Want To Have

The bracelet may be made of anything from gold to plain old string, a wooden bead or a carved semi-precious gemstone. The charms may be worn on a chain or clasped onto beads. If you're making your own bracelet, think about the kinds of things you want it to mean. The dangling gemstone charm, for example, is appropriate for wearing with almost all outfits. There are many different types of charms that you can buy or make. Your bracelet could say something about your personality with a charm made in the shape of your favorite animal or it could be for decoration only. For example, if you're making it to celebrate getting into your favorite school, you might want to attach an image of the building, the year, or something symbolic of that institution.

Designs For Charm Bracelet

There are many designs where you can use your fearless charms. Although the designs depend on your personal creativity and how you picture your perfect bracelet to be buy here are some design ideas:


  1. Cluster the different charms into one ring and get them together in a simple metal or string bracelet. Some charms can be of contrasting colors and one or two can be gemstone charms.


  1. Another great way to design your charm bracelet is by adding your unique charms in the closing clasps. This will give the bracelet and elegant and edgy look while keeping it in place and keeping the bracelet tightly locked into the loop.


  1. You can also add several charms in different places in one bracelet. The chain metal bracelet is great for this design. The different adjoining loops can be equipped with different charms that represent different beliefs or purposes and so, making the bracelet all inclusive and pretty looking.


  1. Another great way is to combine a bigger charm with several small charms in one bracelet. Or add chunky chains to one bracelet and give different charms to different chains. This will make the bracelet very eye-catching and unique.


So, there are many ways to design and use charms in bracelets. Whether you want to have gemstone charms or a protected charm in the form of an owl, we have you covered. Visit Dream of Stones’ official website or contact us at hello@dreamofstones.com to know more.

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