A Complete Guide To Choose Jewelry Made Of Different Metals

Jewelry is a beautiful way to express yourself. It can also be an effective tool to help you achieve goals and dreams. Jewelry pieces are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some pieces are more popular than others. As a result, certain colors of jewelry may have special meanings attached to them.

When it comes to jewelry making, there are a variety of metals or kinds of beads that can be used. Each metal is good for different purposes and some are better than others in certain environments. The most common metals probably include gold, silver and steel alloys like brass and bronze. However, there are several others including nickel silver (also called German silver) and white gold which is an alloy of nickel, zinc and copper.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule about the use of particular metal with specific colored gemstones. It is because each type of metal reacts with a variety of colors in a different way, and the type of color you are going to get from the gemstone will depend on the effect you're trying to achieve. So it's important that you know which metals work best for which colors when it comes to jewelry. Besides, if your pieces start becoming too heavy or too dull over time, then it might be time for an upgrade anyway.

How To Choose Different Metals For Your Jewelry Pieces Wisely

But definitely, to make your jewelry pieces more attractive, you must know which gemstones will go with a particular type of metal. Here is our guide for you:

Perfect Gemstones with Silver Jewelry 

Silver is the most affordable and attractive metal for making jewelry with stone pieces. Any type of gemstone will be perfect with silver. Gemstones and diamonds look even more gorgeous and dazzling than before when worn on silver jewelry pieces. Your gemstone will pop out if you put it on top of a layer of silver ornaments.

Gemstones to avoid with Silver Jewelry, you must avoid those gemstones that are too dark, those that may come out as dull colors after polishing, and the ones which are too light in color as they may look pale and dull. So better to avoid garnet ruby, star ruby, black diamonds, black spinel, and black sapphire with silver jewelry pieces because these stones turn dull after polishing or cleaning.

Best Gemstones with Gold Jewelry 

Any type of gemstone will look perfect with gold. The best part is the gold doesn't change the color, shine and sparkle of your gems. Your gemstone will pop out and look magnificent and outstanding than ever before when put on top of a layer of gold ornaments. You can wear gems made from 14k, 18k, 22k gold as well as 24k. They are so shiny and mesmerizing to look at.

Pearls and white golds are a perfect combination that gives a luxurious touch. Pearls are translucent and "float" around while you're wearing jewelry. It takes on the light of your skin, making it look like it's glowing. White gold is very easy to clean, polish, and maintain. Both pearls and white golds are strong metals that don't tarnish or fade over time. They both provide good purchasing value for you in terms of price (i.e. you pay more for white gold compared to pearls).

Stunning Gemstones with Platinum Jewelry Pieces

Platinum is known for its white color and durability. It's one of the most expensive metals out there. Its strength makes it ideal for jewelry pieces that are frequently worn (such as engagement rings). Platinum is very hard to bend or scratch. And it doesn't change color over time as other lesser metals do. This makes it popular among jewelers who want to offer pieces that last a lifetime (or generation to generation).

You can use different kinds of beads for platinum jewelry pieces such as blue sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Blue sapphire is a good option for platinum jewelry. It's one of the only gemstones that can be used with platinum and is very resistant and sturdy. It won't fade significantly over time, unlike other gemstones that may change color with prolonged exposure to air.

Perfect Gemstones with Palladium Jewelry Pieces:

Palladium is a great metal to work with because it's affordable and doesn't tarnish as quickly as other metals. Unlike platinum, you can also find palladium jewelry pieces in a variety of different colors. If you're choosing pieces that will be set with gemstones, we recommend using silver even though it may not match your desired color palette perfectly. This is because silver reflects light and brings out the natural colors of the stone as opposed to absorbing or hiding them as dark metals do.

If you're choosing pieces in palladium, your best bet is to use a jewelry setting that has a small clasp. The more surface area that the clasp has to catch onto, the better it will work. You can also use a thicker chain if you choose. Whatever the case may be, make sure you get a piece of jewelry that uses low-purity gold plating, which is less likely to scratch your precious stones over time.

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