7 DIY Beaded Handmade Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry is loved by almost everyone. It beautifies your looks and adds more value to your personality. Jewelry is also an important tool in personalizing yourself. It can be a part of any outfit and can be changed to match your moods, whether it is a colorful piece of jewelry or something more delicate. And if you do not like wearing too much jewelry during the day, there are many other options such as beaded jewelry using large hole beads that facilitate your daily life without making you look too flashy.

If you're looking to buy jewelry, prices are a bit different between the two types of jewelry. Natural and precious gems are a little expensive because of the rarity of the stone used. Beads on the other hand are more affordable and you can also buy beads online. You can find something that is right for you within your budget, especially if you want to purchase things that come in eradicate shapes.

Have you ever thought of making your own jewelry at home? In addition to increasing your collection and enhancing your looks, DIY jewelry pieces also have a lot more benefits. You can give them as gifts to your friends and family. You must be thinking about what you should make? In this guide, we'll help you know the various benefits and many handmade jewelry ideas.

What are the benefits of making your own jewelry?

1. Reduce your spending

We all like to shop and try out different styles and patterns in jewelry. So, what do you do when there is a great sale going on with your favorite brand? You want to grab it right away! But have you ever thought about what happens when you buy something? You don't use that jewelry most of the time. It's just a waste of money and space. Instead, make jewelry at home with the help of DIY kits like beaded earrings kits and necklace-making kits. You can use large hole beads, glass or wood beads, etc. to bring uniqueness.

2. It relieves stress

There have been studies that show that when you work with your hands (craft activities), it can relieve stress and get you in the right mode. Beading is one of the best activities when it comes to crafts. It helps you relax and channelize your mood, which can be helpful in many ways. Let us tell you more about how making jewelry at home can help relieve stress.

3. You have the variety

Have you seen the variety of colors and designs that are offered in DIY jewelry kits? There are kits available for all kinds of styles, shapes, and sizes. You can pick one according to your style and personal preferences. If you're choosing a necklace or a bracelet, the first thing you need to think about is your height. You can make jewelry of different styles and patterns with different colored large-hole beads.

4. It is eco-friendly

The process of making jewelry at home is eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about the harsh chemicals and glue from other stores. You can choose and buy beads online from a wide variety i.e. colored glass, and stones that are available in DIY jewelry kits.

Top Easy & Useful Jewelry Ideas

1. Beaded keychains - If you're a beginner, it is the best idea to start with. You can make beaded keychains using large hole beads and thread. You can search for ways to make keychains with different patterns. Also, you can make use of different colored and varying size beads to make them elegant.

2. Beaded hand chains - If you want to make something unique and out of the box, try making hand chains. Hand chains are jewelry pieces that are worn on the wrist, as well as around the finger that makes a different fashion statement. You can choose from a variety of shapes and designs. You just have to learn a few techniques that help you make them simple.

3. Cork Clips - These are perfect for making earrings in a simple and easy way. You can use them to attach your earrings to your hair or keep them on your neck using the necklace chain that comes with the kit.

4. Beaded Bracelet - If you're looking for a simple and quick way to make jewelry at home, this is the best idea for you. You just need few large-hole beads of various colors, thread, and scissors. You can also use different materials for creating designs, like small gems, colored glass, and small stones.

5. DIY elegant rings - Once you make yourself comfortable with the basics, you can step forward and make beaded rings. You just need to follow some simple techniques and choose from the wide variety of beads available in DIY jewelry kits.

So, if you feel that you’re all set to move forward, you can start to buy beads online. At Dream Of Stones, we have a wide stock of beads such as large hole beads, small hole beads, etc. You can also get different materials required for making DIY jewelry crafts. Thus, start making attractive jewels, and for any other queries, you can get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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