5 Steps To Know If A Gemstone Is Actually Real

While buying gemstone beads and precious stones for jewelry making, even the best of readers can get confused about their authenticity. No matter how much you read about it, if you can’t identify the characteristics of a gem in a practical situation, your theory is of no use. The difference does not necessarily lie only in the color, because it is the simplest thing to forge. The differences can be found from a variety of other aspects. You don’t need to go get it checked with a gemologist every time you buy it. If you know some basic tactics, you are good on your own as well.

How To Know If A Gemstone Is Real?

Check The Description

The first and the foremost area of focus for identifying the defects in the stone is its description. The credentials should be in detail and should match the natural formation of the respective stone. Check for any aspects that raise red flags, like the place of origin or the treatments run on the stone.

Check For Unnatural Inclusions

Every semi-precious gemstone has its own appearance and inclusions that makes it stand out. If the stone is genuine, the inclusions are well set in it and seem like a part of the bead or real stone for jewelry making itself. But if the gemstone is only made to look like the original, its inclusions are also very fake and may get damaged when examined closely. So, it is one of the aspects that you can expect a heads up from.

Ask Questions From The Seller

Another way to ascertain the authenticity of the gemstone is to ask in depth questions from the seller. You can ask where they sourced it from, how they examined its authenticity and what they know about the stone. Make it conversational so the seller doesn’t get their guard up but also give the evidence if the stone is genuine or not. SO, many things can be known by just conversing with a person.

Design And Cut

The genuine gemstones for jewelry making are cut and designed in a certain way. Only limited treatments are done on rhythm and these also only to keep them extremely pure and authentic. So, if you feel any disturbance in the cut and formation of the stone, there are chances that it is not genuine or has been damaged during processing.

Prevailing Market Price

The semi-precious as well as precious gemstones have a range of price and this information is publicly available at ease. The easiest catch about a gemstone being genuine or not lies in its price itself. If it is unnaturally cheaply priced, there is great probability of it being a fake. The pricing scheme and procedure also affects the cost of the stone and o, should be focused upon while making a purchase.

Tips To Be Safe From Deception

Be Careful Who You Buy From

Where you buy your gemstone from will greatly affect the authenticity of the gemstone. This is because the seller with no dealing history or record of buyers is almost sure to be fraudulent. Even if you’re buying from a new seller, they must be consistent and must indicate their trustworthiness in a certain way. Which is why, we here at Dream of Stones are preferred for buying gemstones for jewelry making wholesale. We have been around for years and disclose appropriate information about our work and our products.

Do Your Research

To be able to identify if the shared information is correct or not, you must know your facts. Read as much about gemstones as possible online and in books. You can also take advice and help from anyone in your peers that knows gemstones and have some of their own. Additionally, you can also visit gemstone stores to get a clear view about how theory applies into practical situations.

Check Testimonials

Check the seller and product reviews online and get in touch with the previous buyers, while dealing with a gemstone seller. It is the best network to get a real idea about the working of the seller and their product range. There are many clues and red flags that you can get through these brief interactions. So, it is best to do the proper research and pay attention to little details.


So, you have got a pretty clear image of how to identify if you have real stones for jewelry making or are they fake. There are many other ways and tests as well but these are the simplest of ways even a layman can get to know about their gemstones. A little knowledge takes you a long way and helps you with having an authentic and valued collection. You can also always check 0out our collection or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.


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