5 Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Gemstone Beads

Beads and gemstones have always been the center of attraction for an eclectic mix of people. From historic cultures to modern times, bead work and jewelry have been important cultural markers. People love threading beads and using precious gemstones for making beautiful jewelry designs and fashion accessories. However, for the beads to look attractive, it is important that you work responsibly. Novice jewelry makers and even experienced designers still make mistakes while handling 2mm gemstone beads. If you are one of them, read on to learn from the mistakes made by others so that you don't repeat them. Check out these five common mistakes and how to avoid them:


1) Ignoring the Size of Beads:

Beads are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The size of beads varies from about one millimeter to over two centimeters, and the shape is also varied. The size of beads can vary because the size of gemstones varies as well. In fact, bead size is an important factor for making designs with beads. You can use beads of different sizes to create designs that will look good on a variety of necklaces and bracelets. There are two ways to measure the bead size. The first way is by measuring the length between one end of the bead and another end, but you may have trouble knowing where one end begins and another ends in some cases because the smaller beads may not be easy to find.


The second way is to measure the width of the beads, but that also can be a challenge. Now, you know that the bead size and shape are important for creating attractive designs. It's also important to identify how you will use them because of their varied sizes and shapes. If you have a big collection of beads to work with and you don't know how they will be used in your designs, visit a bead store and ask which raw gemstone beads will work best for what kind of design.


2) Not Cleaning:

Prior to storage and use, it is important to clean the beads properly. This will prevent the beads from any harm, and it will also provide an attractive finish for your jewelry designs. You should use a soft towel to wipe the beads after working with them. A toothbrush is best for cleaning smaller bead holes, but you should avoid using chemicals on the beads because they can cause harm if they react to the metal alloy of your 3mm gemstone beads or stringing material. When you buy gemstones like amethyst beads or bloodstone beads, they are often covered with dust and debris. As a first step, you need to clean them. You can use a soft brush and soapy water or alcohol for cleaning the stones in case of minor dirt accumulation.


3) Not Choosing Threading Materials Wisely:

The way you choose your stringing materials and add a clasp to your jewelry designs can make a big difference in how it will look when completed. One option is to use a ball chain as a stringing material because it's sturdy and available in several sizes. However, if you don't like the look of the ball chain, consider using another option. For instance, you can stitch leather cord or fabric in a variety of styles and colors for your jewelry designs. If you are making beaded earrings or beaded bracelets for someone special, consider using silk thread for a classic look. Silk thread is delicate and drapes well around the neck and wrist. Ideally, choose silk thread that has color on both sides to enhance the overall look of your jewelry designs.

4) Improper Storage :

Prior to storing your jewelry materials, you need to ensure that they will be used and not collected dust. If you are storing your materials in a glass or plastic container, check for any cracks or wear that may result in breakage of the glass. Ideally, you should store your 4mm gemstone beads away from direct sunlight and humidity. You also need to avoid placing them on dusty surfaces since this can result in discoloration or wear. When you are using beads, keep them in a protective pouch so that they won't get nicked or damaged while being stored.

5) Using The Wrong Cleanser :

You shouldn't use cleaners that contain chemicals that can harm the beads. They can cause discoloration or oxidization on the surface of the beads. Avoid cleaning your beads while using a chemical-based cleaner. The best cleaner to use is a mixture of warm water and a mild soap, especially if you are working with large beads that don't have access to light.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid while handling Amazonite gemstone beads and wood beads, you can take proper care of them with us at Dream of Stones. You can get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com or visit our online store today to know more. We can help you buy the right cleansers and reamers for your beads and gemstones.

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