5 Fascinating Facts About Opal Gemstone & Its Uses

Opal is one of the earth's most beautiful creations. It has a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that are always changing and shifting. Opal is closely related to other gems such as Emerald and Agate, but the most important thing to know about it is that it belongs to the Quartz family. Like other members of this family, opal chip beads are able to conduct electricity, so they are precious stones that are used in electronics or in jewelry. But how much do you know about this gemstone? Here are five interesting facts about the gemstone:

Facts About Opal


1) Composition - Opal is actually not a mineral but rather a stone. The stone itself is composed of silica, water, and traces of iron and other elements. It is formed by intense heat that melts silica together with water and other elements in the stone. The water then evaporates leaving behind a solid material.


2) Origin - Opals come in many colors and patterns due to minor impurities in the stone. The discovery of these gems was one of the most important discoveries in history because of its economic value, which was unknown at that time. They are extraterrestrial in origin – they are formed deep within the earth's mantle by geologic processes caused by heat and pressure.


3) Shape and Color - Opal is found in many different colors, including blue, black, white, yellow, red, and green. The best opal chip stone has a high percentage of water that helps it change color over time. It comes in many shapes and forms but are typically spherical or nearly spherical. They can also be long or thin depending on the shape of the stone. They are sometimes ribbed or lined on the outside as well. It is estimated that 10% of all opal found has a combination of blue and yellow tones, forming an optical effect called "phantom.


4) Strengths - Opals vary in their hardness. Some are very soft and are easily damaged while others have a high percentage of water in them and are therefore very hard. It is the second most common gemstone in the world, after sapphire, with at least 169 varieties known.


5) Varieties - Opal has a number of different names. These include opal, common opal, boulder opal, fire opals, hyalite (a transparent or semi-transparent opal), and precious or gem opals. The rarest varieties of opals are black, green, blue and red fire that have vivid color and diffraction patterns with bright flashes of light.


They are one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world – from their unusual colors to their changing appearance over time.

Uses of Opal

Over the years it has been used for many different purposes, from being used as a decorative item in the ancient civilizations to being used as a protective stone from evil. Opal chip beads are able to give off a rainbow of colors depending on the light that it shines on it.


We at Dream Of Stones have a wide collection of Opal chip beads and we have seen people purchasing them for various uses. Opal for many reasons. While some love to wear it as a piece of jewelry, others use it for spiritual and healing purposes. In addition, people use these gems to enhance clarity of the mind and spirit. For those with chronic pain, these gemstones provide a natural relief from the symptoms of physical diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. One might consider wearing Opal for calming spiritual effects when one needs peace or for comfort during grief. There are many reasons to wear these special gems as jewelry or carry them in a pouch or necklace.


These gems are thought to be good luck stones that can offer protection against nightmares and bad spirits. They also provide an opportunity for communication with loved ones who have passed over into the afterlife as well as calming nightmares that may have been caused by grieving a deceased person.


Opal gemstone jewelry is popular. There is a variability in the colors of this gemstone that can provide a wearer with an array of options. For those who like to wear jewelry but don’t want to wear large pieces, Opal earrings are a nice way to subtly incorporate this lucky gemstone into an ensemble. People often use these precious beads as good luck charms when gambling on the horses or the slot machines, and they also like to give them as gifts to loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions.


Divination and magic abounds with the wearing of Opal chip stones. This unique stone is said to have the ability to quiet thoughts, bring on visions and open one’s spiritual eyes. It is also thought that Opals help humans stay connected with their spiritual energy or the “Akashic Records,” which is life energy.


A stone often used for crystal ball divination, Opal has many metaphysical properties. When a person wears this bead, it can induce clairvoyance, becoming a channel for understanding events at a future date; this also applies to any dreaming that takes place while wearing an Opal gemstone. This effect is only temporary but may be long lasting, depending on how much time passes without wearing Opal chip stones. You should get precious and semi-precious gems from a reliable vendor such as Dream Of Stones. To buy these gemstones or any query related to them, visit our website or you can also send us your message at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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