4 Unseen Points In Your Beading Business

Selling jewelry is one of the most popular yet difficult approaches in today's market, more so if you're into handmade beaded jewelry making. You’d need to answer every small question like where to buy natural wood beads. Whereas others do not know where to start or how they can even advance their careers from a small beginning, many start with huge investment and spend tons on marketing and store renting. So as to avoid any undesirable situations and to give your jewelry business a stable growth and long term survival, there are many aspects that you should focus on, four of which are mentioned here.

  1. Be Patient And Consistent

If you're really into this business and are making handmade jewelry with the aim of building a legacy, then you need to have a lot of patience. Be patient with yourself in learning as much as possible on how to turn raw materials into beautiful and unique pieces. Give yourself enough space to be creative and take breaks if the stress starts to get to you. The initial phase of the business can be a lot challenging and it requires consistency, will and patience to keep on going even on the bad days. It is only through consistent efforts and patience that the businesses start to gain supporters and orders.

  1. Market Yourself

Even before a lot of people know about your business or buy natural wood beads from you, you will have to create brand awareness and introduce yourself to potential clients. This involves extensive marketing of self. Now, this does not have to be through big marketing agencies or professionals, it can be as simple as reaching out to clients via their mails introducing your business and asking them to check it out and as simple as asking your friends to let their friends know about your new business. The initial responsibility of making your business visible to the people is on yourself and so, you must openly and consistently market your products and business with confidence. The confidence you have in yourself will encourage the people to give you a try.

  1. Maintain Service Quality

Marketing may give your business a kick start but what keeps it going is genuine products and unmatched quality. The raw materials you use to make your uniquely designed jewelry is what determines the quality of your product. It includes the beads, beading cords and tools. To ensure you only use the best of material, check out the collection on our website, Dream of Stones, which will help you create genuine and beautiful pieces.

  1. Establish Long Lived Client Relationships

The long term goal of any business is to establish genuine and loyal clients that stay with the business for lengths of time. A beading business is no different. The client relationships, which includes both, the ones you buy stones for jewelry making and those you sell these jewelry to, affect the life of your business. Consider their preferences and communicate regularly to resolve any issue they have. The clients are also the ones who testify for your work and encourage new people to connect with you. So, healthy relationships can take your business a long way.

Some Other Points To Consider

  • Plan Thoroughly

Every successful business is based on thorough and intelligent planning. So, this aspect cannot be ignored at any cost. It might involve planning how you pack your packages, what would be the new launches and how you would market them. Your planning should be in-depth and cover each and every part of the business for it to be extensive.

  • Manage Your Finances

Finances are an inseparable part of the business. The management of your revenues, costs and other expenses are what have to be up to date and should hold a full explanation. Keeping a record of your business expenses and where to buy stones for jewelry making will help you determine the actual profits and how much has to be reinvested in the business and how to fund the next steps of the business.

  • Take Help

It is not imperative to single handedly manage every part of the business. If help is required, don’t be shy to ask for it from your trusted acquaintances. You can get help from your family members or professionals in your contact alike. The main motive is to run the business intelligently and wisely.


If you are setting out to start your own beading business, among the various challenges you face, getting the right material for your jewelry will not be one. With us, Dream of Stones, you can get genuine quality beads at affordable prices. So, get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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